High ceilings make the smallest of spaces feel lofty and airy; it’s not a surprise that buyers are drawn to this particular home feature. 9’ ceilings have become the standard in new builds, with 10’ ceilings becoming a more common structural upgrade for buyers.

When selling your home, there is a lot you can do to create the illusion of height. We highly recommend appropriating some of the ideas from this Contemporist article to create that sense of freedom and spaciousness that buyers crave.

Here are 2 of our favourite tips that are also super easy to achieve:

  1. High Curtain Rods & Tall CurtainsRooms with curtain rods installed closer to the ceiling rather than near the frame of the window draw your eye upwards. This, along with installing curtains that extend from the floor to the ceiling, creates the illusion of larger windows and adds a sense of vertical grandeur to any room.
  2. Low-Contrast Wall & Ceiling PaintAnother simple tip is to keep the wall colours similar to the colour of the ceiling. Dark walls create harsh horizontal lines where the walls meet the ceiling. This makes rooms appear smaller than they are. Instead, opt for lighter paint that is in lower contrast with the colour of your ceiling. In this case, the wall colour will blend right into the ceiling, creating a sense of vertical fluidity and openness.

Create the illusion of height in your home to induce a sense of freedom and spaciousness in even the smallest of spaces.

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