A great day with the team helping our local “Safetynet” charity which provides clothing, diapers, tutoring and music lessons to financially disadvantaged families in our community. There’s no better day than today to clean closets and help families who are struggling right here in our community. It was a bitter sweet day–It always feels good to help but there is always that sobering moment where you remember just how fortunate so many of us here in Oakville really are. It’s easy to be fooled by the lavish homes of Oakville but even in such a prosperous town there are thousands in need.

During our time at Safetynet we learned that there is a growing demand for lightly used or new furniture. With many immigrants and refugees fleeing impoverished or war-torn countries, something as simple as a bed or couch can make a genuine impact on a family’s life. The photo below shows their storage for furniture, empty.


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Rina DiRisio
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Rina DiRisio

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