A Sobering Reality

Every day – right here in our considered affluent community of Oakville – there are parents who struggle just trying to make ends meet. Their children are often excluded from experiences and opportunities that many kids today take for granted. Statistics Canada reports that single parents and their children are in an especially vulnerable position – a staggering 1 in 5 children live in poverty.

How Can We Help?

In an effort to seek out ways our team could help, we spoke with the kind and generous folks at Kerr Street Ministries who partner with Upward Sports, a Christian sports ministry who service 46 U.S. States and Canada. Not only does Upward Sports provide programs that focus on the fundamental skills of the sport while teaching the associated virtues that the kids/athletes can use in future life situations, they also equip local churches with everything needed to run their own leagues.

Kerr Ministries shared with us that in our community alone there were over 40 kids who were unable to go to camp for March Break. We knew immediately this was it – this is where we could help. Thank you to Kerr Ministries for facilitating the opportunity for us to light a candle in these children’s lives and help make their March Break something to remember.

Gratitude and Joy

After the kids returned from a week at camp we were delighted to host a pizza party so that we could meet them. It was exhilarating for us to see the children’s appreciation and happiness evoked by just this one small act of kindness. The roar of a great big group “Thank You!” filled the room at the end of the party and filled our hearts with joy!

“FOR IT IS IN GIVING, THAT WE RECEIVE . . .” St. Francis of Assisi

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