Love is on top of most people’s minds on Valentine’s day, but this year we decided to express our love in a different way. We participated in this year’s Feed-uary program with Halton Food for Thought, a non-profit charity organization that serves breakfast to children. Halton Food for Thought is unique because it’s completely unexclusive, any child is welcome to a free breakfast before the school bell rings.

The entire Rina DiRisio team had the privilege of attending Abbey Lane Elementary school to help prepare, serve and clean up after the kids. What really struck us was just how many students showed up as early as 8:00 in the morning for their breakfast; a little over 100 students were in attendance. What’s even more shocking is that Halton Food for Thought services over 27,000 students per week and only 1 in 10 children arrive at school with enough food for the day—that’s a lot of hungry kids!

In the spirit of Valentine’s day we decided to make the day a little more special. We donated to all the students who attended the program a package of pencil crayons. We tied red ribbon around our donations and our favorite moment of the day was when a little girl thanked us for the crayons and that the ribbon would be perfect for her hair. The gifts were a huge success with the goal of encouraging other students to attend the program, regardless of their financial situation.

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