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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

General cleaning

A good place to start is doing general house cleaning for the home. Aim to clean all the corners that are hard to reach or have been neglected. Cleaning will involve cleaning fixture like chandeliers, fans, sink and drains in the house. Wash all the drapes, windows, carpets and rugs.

Check alarms and filters

Check the heating and cooling system to confirm all the filters are in good condition. It’s also the perfect time to check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms/detectors.


It is easy to accumulate things in the garage, basement and even in the closet. Take time to give away all unnecessary items and organize the home.

Inspect the roof

Inspect the roof to check for loose shingles and to see if water is accumulating on the roof.

Clean gutters

Gutter and downspouts get clogged by debris. Clear gutters direct water from your home preventing water damage. It is imperative to unclog gutters and downspouts regularly, especially, if there are trees surrounding your home.

Maintain the lawn and backyard

Lawns are the first thing that any visitor will see upon visiting you. Mow your lawn and trim the hedges, add some flowers and plants to spruce up the yard.

Check the foundation

Check the basement wall from outside and inside to ensure there’s no water getting into your basement.

Take out the BBQ grill

Spring is a time to have fun and entertain friends and family. Clean the grill and any outdoor furniture and prepare it for future use.