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Market Update: A Lot of Positive Signs Out There!

We get inundated with stats about home prices being down or up, or volume being down or up, so to give you a true idea of what I’m seeing in the day-to-day real estate market in Oakville, I thought I’d do a quick update.

Here is a quick summary of what I’m seeing (but make sure to watch the video below!):

✨ More showings in the last 2 weeks on many of our listings
✨ In the last 7 days that showing activity has increased
✨ Listing activity is up 40% since 2 weeks ago, according to our brokerage
✨ We’re starting to see more offers coming in on our listings
✨ A lot more conversations with sellers about getting their homes on the market
✨ Buyers are more positive
✨ Sellers are more eager

As the COVID-19 situation became more serious in March and a lot of businesses turned to virtual operations, a lot of my clients decided to put moving on hold. What I am telling a lot of them right now is to start thinking about getting their homes on the market soon. I wouldn’t want them to miss that opportunity to make their moves as there are a lot of positive signs out there. Anything can change from day to day. I will keep continue to keep you updated.